Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall pics and prim goodies from Mary

Hello prim friends!  Finally I am posting.  It has been so busy around here with the kids and fall decorating and a few little mishaps. Last week our pool got a hole in the liner and I came home to find a lake in my backyard. We drained the pool and thought that would fix the problem but the yard was still staying wet so my hubby finally realized that the problem was that the water line that runs under our pool had busted and now we have to rerun the water lines around the pool and buy a new pool liner. UGH!

I have been finishing a couple of projects for the swap I'm doing with Amy and I'll post pictures when Amy gets her goodies.  Last week I ordered this awesome scarecrow from Mary at Prairie Homeplace.  She added this great pumpkin and gingerbread man in with my scarecrow.  Super thanks to Mary!

You can visit Mary at to purchase her great primitives.

I have all of my outside decorating finished and most of the inside is done but it seems like it is taking me forever to get it all done.   Here are some of my pictures.                                                                   

This is a scarecrow that I made to hang on my lightpost.



Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Post

Hello Prim Friends!  I am so excited to finally be blogging!  I am new at this so bare with me I'll eventually get everything figured out.  I will be chatting about the happenings around my house and I'll be posting pictures of my primitive home. I love early primitives and love making them.  Me and the hubby make most of the furniture in our home. 

Here in WV we have had cool rainy weather all week.  It's starting to feel like fall! Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate (Christmas being the other).  This weekend I am going to start putting out my fall prims.  Can't wait!  Going shopping at a great prim shop tomorrow for some fall prims.  Later I'll post some pics of my findings.

I am taking part in the praire harvest swap that Amy over at Bumble Bee Lane is having.  So excited to be getting to take part in the swap.  Amy is my partner for the swap and I've already started making some things for her box full of  prims.  

Well now im off to go pick up my kids from school.~~Blessings, Christina